I Owe My Life To The Training At SSC Thanx Guys. Recently I Botched An Attempted Robbery And Saved My Own Life !!!
 April 2012
 S. Atum Rayay Decatur, Ga.

Knowledge is power. The practical Training and Classroom concepts are one of he most informative out their in Hand Gun Safety classes. Classes are Professionally conducted with Safety at the top of the instructors concerns. There's no rush on students or cut off time to learn. The instructors take their Time to make sure you are getting what you paid for and a whole lot more. This class is so needed in these times, because of the growing need for security in our everyday life's to protect our Home and Love Ones. I can't wait for my next Class with http://www.superiorsecurityconcepts.com 

Vic G.  
Manager @ Solqi LLC Management



Today I took Introduction to Handguns for Self Defense and couldn't have been more pleased. First, the training on Georgia law was much more valuable than I anticipated. I was thinking this would be the "boring" part of the class yet it gave me a true understanding of what my rights are. Also, I had never fired a handgun and was nervous about it. The classroom time combined with the one on one coaching made for an excellent day. I highly recommend and look forward to taking my next class. Finally, I'm sending my wife as she needs the same training.
April 7, 2013
Frank F.
Atlanta, GA

The Superior Security experience for me, was one of the most educational experiences I've had, for quite some time. They made the training process really easy, and gave hands on training to all who attended. The atmosphere was really pleasant, which made the whole experience a pleasure. I suggest that everyone who is serious about protecting their family,use the services provided by Superior Security Concepts! April 2013
J. Olivera
Customer Service Representative

I found the Superior Security Concepts training to be ENTHRALLING!!! Leon, Joe and Vince were great, patient and understanding. If YOU want to train, train with them. They teach you Right! April 2012
 C. Crump  Clarkston, Ga.

October 2011
Tony Serrano V. I. EMS
St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

That was my second time shooting! The first time I went with a very trained friend, but I was too nervous and overwhelmed. The classroom portion is A MUST. It helped me understand laws, technique, and purpose. On the range, the coaching improved my ability in such a short time! I'm excited about my next training!
August 2011

The best training course i have ever taken. It is very informative and i can see how the choice to come to this training course the few times that i have has made me feel ready to defend family and others.Seeing all of the crime on the news nearing the area where i live or\and just in the city of Atlanta alarmed me to ready myself. Thank you all for the advance knowledge and patience.I will be back soon for the next class.Can’t let myself get rusty you know. Keep it going. 
June 2011

Coach W. Kearse
Decatur, GA

I have to admit, I knew nothing about shooting besides squeezing the trigger, but after just two classes with Mr. Leon Adams and his team of trainers at Superior Security Concepts I must say that I am truly impressed with myself. I now know the basics of a proficient shooter as well as the laws that govern firearms responsibility. I will continue to train with Mr. Adams, Mr. Hibner and the rest of the team at SSC and I highly recommend them to any and everyone.

May 29, 2011
R.N. Joseph
Lead person at GP

Mr. Adams is a knowledgeable, well-rounded trainer in the security field. Due to his ability to find valuable training and how to implement it into the "real world," he is sought after as the lead trainer. I highly recommend his service to anyone interested.”                                            
February 4, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Jason Cartee U. S. Navy

“I am writing this recommendation on behalf of Joseph Hibner, who I find to be sharp, highly professional and of impeccable character and integrity. He is a professional in everything he does, pays attention to detail, extremely well organized, proficient with firearms, and a team player. He is a graduate of the International Academy of Executive Protection Agents and one of the best agents to graduate this academy.

Dr. Leonard Holifield, President, CEO, Founder, International Academy of Executive Protection Agents, LLC

“What can be said about Leon is very simple and to the point. Leon is a competent professional who displays dedication, integrity and skill. He is an asset to his organization and would be the same to any other organization. A true gentleman. We would be that much better with more people like Leon Adams in our world!” April 13, 2009

Joseph LaSorsa, CPP , Security Expert/Consultant/Private Investigator , J.A. LaSorsa & Associates

“Leon is a class act individual. Humble and eager to learn with a very strong drive during training. He attended one of my courses a few years ago and displayed excellent qualities during Force On Force Combat Pistol. This course was physically and mentally demanding. Leon overcame the obstacles and dug deep to complete the course. I highly recommend Leon as a professional in the personal protection and investigation field.”                January 6, 2010

Rafael Conde , Founder and Chief Instructor ,          Kokoro Combatives

“Joseph Hibner, A true professional in the executive protection/security industry. In this industry, we must be able to trust our team mates and I can say that I trust Joseph Hibner having my six. He has lead details where I took my assignments from him and I have lead details that he took assignments from me and whether it was he leading or I leading, he was there and on point to make sure the detail was a success. Thanks Joseph Hibner for being what a lot others are not.” May 23, 2011

Kenneth Marr, Vice President Executive Security Services, Dream Flights Luxury Travel

“I do recommend Leon to any company who would need him for training.He is a great instructor and he makes sure you understand the concept of your training. A great guy” .                                                                    March 31, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert

Ricardo Lewis, Bodyguard/OAS Bahamas
hired Leon S. as a Personal Trainer in 2010

“To whom it may concern: As a President and CEO of ASI Consultants & Associates it was a pleasure to be a part of and lead instructor at Leon Adams Executive Protection Training Class. Leon was a very active student and was physically involved in many of the exercise and hands-on activities throughout the 3-day training. Leon at the time of the training had already reached out in his own way and after graduating from the course; he continued to move forward and stayed focused in the field of Executive Protection. In fact, Leon had already implemented plans and programs that were designed to surround him with future client(s) who were looking for professional bodyguard services within the State of Georgia. In my opinion, Leon’s unwavering devotion to his profession exemplifies strong moral fiber and character. He is a trustworthy individual and would be an excellent Executive Protection Agent. Bill Ferrell III President & CEO ASI Consultants & Associates Executive Protection Training” March 29, 2010

William Ferrell - CPS, EPS, PPS , President & CEO ,   ASI Consultants & Associates

“Mr. Hibner is an integral part of my executive protection team at Mercer Protection Agency. He has shown tremendous leadership capacity, taking on any challenge and leading a team of executive protection agents recently on a rather difficult detail.

Not only did Mr. Hibner take on the challenge, he excelled at it. He is highly professional in everything he does, extremely well organized, pays attention to detail, and is an expert who graduated at the top of his executive protection academy. He has impeccable characer and integrity.

I highly recommend him for any position or assignment that he seeks. He has tremendous knowledge and experience in the industry, and he is an asset to any team.”
February 11, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity       Feb 2011

Darrell Mercer, Mercer Protection Agency

“I had the pleasure of meeting Leon Adams while attending a fantastic EP course by J.A. LaSorsa & Associates some time ago, and instantly his personable attitude, quiet confidence and in-depth knowledge of the protection field stood out. He was a quiet leader in the classroom, leading by example and by asking good questions which opened up doors and out-of-the-box thought processes for all in attendance. I was lucky to be in attendance with him, because I had an opportunity to learn from him as well as from a top notch training course. As I got to know Leon further, his knowledge of security training and firearms impressed me even more, as I learned that he was also an instructor in several methods of personal protection and firearms. Leon's knowledge and crisp delivery of these principles has shown me that in addition to his fine capabilities as a Security and EP Professional, he is also a first rate instructor whose methods will improve anyone's arsenal of EP and tactical knowledge.”                                      April 28, 2010

Joshua Ponder , Security Manager/Personal Protection Officer , Guardian Professional Security, LLC

“Mr. Leon Adams, a true professional that has no problems sharing the wealth of knowledge he has gain professionally or from the different scenarios that he has witness with OJT. Leon is a security agent that understands the ever growing need for security in every aspect. Last but not least, Leon is a man of integrity which is definitely a much needed asset to have.”       April 25, 2010

Kenneth Marr , Vice President Executive Security Services , Dream Flights Luxury Travel

“Leon Adams is thorough and detailed security professional who treats clients and students like they are the single most important thing on earth. His attention to detail is 2nd to none and his work effort is tireless.” September 14, 2010

Aaron Harris, Safety Instructor, Superior Security Concepts
reported to Leon S. at Superior Security Concepts LLC


Superior Security Concepts - Atlanta , GA 30326

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Instructor Leon S. Adams going over a course of fire on Handgun Safety during Handgun Skills for Personal Defense
Instructor hibner teaches about the basics of Handgun Safety during Introduction to Handguns for Self Defense
Instructor Joseph Hibner going over Handgun Safety during Introduction to Handguns  for SelfDefense
Instructor Joseph Hibner monitoring a student during the live fire portion of Introduction to Handguns for Self Defense
Instructor Leon S. Adams instructs a first time student on basic handgun fundamentals during Introduction to Handguns for Self Defense
Instructor Leon S. Adams monitors a security officer during the live fire portion of Handgun Skills for Personal Defense
First time shooters on the firing line during Introduction to Handguns for Self Defense
Instructor Leon S. Adams talking to Security Professionals on the firing line during Handgun Street Ready Skills
Shooters on the firing line during Ladies Only! Handgun Safety andFundamentals
Instructor Leon S. Adams assisting law enforcement officers build proficiency skills
Instructor hibner teaches about Justification of Deadly Force during Introduction to Handguns for Self Defense
The results after a day at the range during Handgun Skills for Personal Defense
Running the AK platform during Carbines for Home Defense

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