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Leon S. Adams - Head Instructor/Lead Consultant  Mr. Adams has more than 25 years of combined Professional Security, Law Enforcement and Military experiences. He has worked in the capacity of Security Consultant, Certified Instructor, Logistics Support Specialist, Security Director, School Resource Officer, Neighborhood Crime Prevention, Narcotics Investigations, Patrol Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Executive/Dignitary Protection and Loss Prevention.  He has an extensive educational background directly related to the field of Professional Security Services and Personal Protection. He  has conducted consulting services, logistical operations, and training courses both stateside and in the Caribbean. He has attended such fine courses from prestigious training institutions such as Vehicle Dynamics Institute - Armored Protective Driving, Stop The Bleed - Instructor Certification, BPI's - Front Right Seat Leadership Symposium (a Master's Level course on Executive Protection Leadership), ICON Academy - Celebrity Protection Course,  J.A. LaSorsa & Associates (USSS Retired) - Executive Protection Agent Training Course, C.R.I.P.T.-Academy - Close Protection Course, Noble Protective Services - Basic Close Protection Course , The Professional Career Development Institute - Professional Security Specialist Course, and various other Law Enforcement and Military training schools, and is currently pursuing a degree in Security Administration.  He continues to stay abreast of cutting edge advancements in the field of professional security and protection services  and is a member of the Protection Specialist Association, TaMa-Re Martial Arts Association, North American Bodyguard Association, Guardian Eyes Community Service Group and the Jewelers Security Alliance. He currently teaches classes for  Defensive Tactics and Handgun Safety, Civilian TASER  Electronic Control Devices, Expandable Baton, Pepper Spray, Rape Prevention/Assault Prevention and Defensive Tactics to Security Professionals, Law Enforcement Officers and Civilians in the Atlanta, Buckhead, Decatur, Midtown, Sandy Springs, Marietta, Alpharetta, Lawrenceville, Athens, and other Georgia surrounding areas.


Security Consultant, Logistics, Firearms Instructor, TASER Certified  Instructor , Pepper Spray Instructor , Expandable Baton Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Workplace Violence Consultant, Hostile Employee Termination SpecialistCorporate Security Strategies,  Adult & Child First Aid/CPR & AED Certified, and High Value Asset Protection & Transportation. 

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 Instructor Joseph Hibner has over 18 years of experience in Professional Rescue and Protective Services and is the owner and operator of Arcane Protection Group, an Atlanta based Security and Protection Services provider. Mr. Hibner possesses a wealth of tactical and technical information which he imparts on the students attending courses at Superior Security Concepts. He is the primary Defensive Tactics and Defensive Vehicle Operations Course (DVOC) Instructor, and also teaches Firearms Safety, Pepper Spray and Expandable Baton Courses here at Superior Security Concepts, incorporating his background of Corporate Security for Fortune 500 companies, Executive and Celebrity Protection, High Dollar Asset Protection & Transportation and Law Enforcement to benefit the courses we instruct. In addition to the afore mentioned courses, Mr. Hibner also assists and teaches our courses on Rape Prevention/Assault Prevention and Defensive Tactics Courses to Security Professionals, Law Enforcement Officers and Civilians in the Atlanta, Buckhead, Decatur, Midtown, Sandy Springs, Marietta, Alpharetta, Lawrenceville, Athens, and other Georgia surrounding areas.  Rooted in a solid educational background in Law Enforcement and Professional Executive Protection & Security Services, he is ever mindful that there are significantly distinct tactical applications and ideologies between the two fields so he continues to stay on the cutting edge of progressive training concepts. 


Security Consultant, Corporate Security Specialist, Firearms Instructor, Defensive Tactics, Defensive Vehicle Operations Course (DVOC), Expandable Baton Instructor, Certified Professional Rescue/Marine Rescue, First Aid & CPR for Professional Rescuers, AED Certified, High Value Asset Protection & Transportation, Workplace Violence Consultation, and Youth Groups Motivational Speaker

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