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Getting a little range time in with the new @21sportstactical custom build. It’s important that you maximize your training efforts so that you achieve efficient training outcomes. This particular drill stressed accuracy while addressing multiple threats (shout out to @perspectivetargets for their awesome targets), while using a single lane at one of my favorite indoor ranges (shout out to @range.guns.safes ). Normally this would be difficult to do on a single lane, but with the triple threat engagement design from @perspectivetargets you can engage three targets in a perspective manner that simulates a home invasion or multiple bad guys attempting a robbery. The initial target can be set at 5 yards (or whichever distance you prefer depending on the drill and your skill level) and each silhouette represents being 3 yards back from the silhouette before it. Essentially you can simulate engaging three targets between 5 yards and 11 yards on one target in one shooting lane. Make sure when you’re out training, you aren’t just wasting time and resources (Ammo, targets, etc). Have a plan and purpose or seek out a competent instructor. We can help. Click the link in the bio. #atlanta #gun #safety #training #class #security #consultant #homedefense #selfdefense #firearms #pistol #rifle #shotgun #2a #advocate #safetyfirst #2ndamendment #righttobeararms #shallnotbeinfringed #cometrainwithme #superiorsecurityconcepts

Posted 12 weeks ago