Shotguns for Home Defense 2 (Level 3)

$ 250.00 USD

This course is designed to teach the gun owner how best to effectively use the shotgun to defend their family and homes against home invasion. At the end of this course, the student will be familiar with shotgun defensive tactics, best ammunition choices for home defense use, and tactics for defending the home against home invasion.

The standard 12-gauge shotgun is a remarkable tool in a self-defense situation. Often the mere presence of a shotgun can diffuse and de-escalate any unwanted aggressive behavior. Shotguns also have been known to be the more common long gun choice for civilian gun owners for one defense. Few will argue against its psychological and terminal value. However, many lack the proficiency and comprehension of the shotgun’s proper use and proper ammunition selection to effectively benefit from the full capability of the weapon. The Defensive Shotgun program addresses the urban environment and provides street survival and courtroom defensible skills of its use.


In this 4 hour course you will learn about the flexibility, versatility, and tactical applications of the defensive shotgun in home protection and how it can best be used for self defense.

 Topics include:

Shotgun Patterns and Ammunition Considerations for HomeDefense · Various Positions of Fire · Linear and Lateral Movement & Engagement·  Working from Cover/Concealment · Working Corners ·   Problem Solving  .

 Required Equipment

  •       12 Gauge Shotgun
  •      Sling
  •   50 rounds, 00-Buck
  •   50 rounds, 1 oz slugs
  •       100 rounds, Birdshot
  •      Comfortable clothing that provides protection from both the sun and ejected brass as this class is occassionally held outdoors.
  •      Eye and ear protection (recommended)


NOTE: It is also recommended that students bring a hat for additional protection during classes.

*REGARDING PISTOL GRIPS: We prefer that all shotguns used during this course have full length stocks to assure proper control. Full-length fixed or folding stocks with built-in pistol grips are acceptable.


Price: $250.00


Shotguns such as the Saiga 12 and Kel-Tec KSG are quickly becoming the preferred shotgun for home defense due to their versatility. If you own a specialty shotgun such as the Saiga 12 or Kel-Tec KSG, feel free to bring it to the class for some additional training and tactics.