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Homeowner Shoots Home Invader Who Found Her Hiding!!

Posted by Leon S. on Saturday, January 5, 2013 Under: Home Defense
Walton County Chief Deputy Keith Brooks reported to Fox 5 news that a Loganville mother shot an alleged home invader several times on Friday.


The woman was working upstairs in her home on Henderson Ridge Lane when she spotted a man outside the window.  The woman was home alone with her 9-year-old twins and heard the man knock at the door. She called her husband, who told her that he wasn't expecting anyone at the house.

The woman said that she saw the man go to his vehicle and return with a crowbar. The man then forced his way inside and rummaged through the home. 


The woman grabbed a revolver fled into a crawlspace with her children.

When the man opened the crawlspace door, she fired six shots with her .38 revolver, hitting the man several times.

Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman stated the woman came out of the crawlspace and was standing over the perpetrator, who she says was crying, telling her to stop shooting.

The alleged now wounded home invader fled the house, jumped into his vehicle and attempted to drive away, but lost control of the vehicle and crashed (notice he was able to this even after being shot several times, including being hit in the face and neck). Deputies arrived on scene afterward and took him into custody.

Chief Deputy Chapman stated that it appears to be a justified shooting of a woman defending her home and children.

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