Fox 5 news reported that a Fulton County woman is recovering after home intruders broke into her home and shot her multiple times. The victim is an employee of the Fulton County Marshall's Office, authorities say.

According to Fulton County police, just before midnight, 54-year-old Melissa Burke heard a knock on her door. Moments later, she heard intruders breaking into her house on Estonian Drive near Fairburn  and called 911. They say Burke, who was home alone, hid to protect herself(which is usually suggested as the correct thing to do in these situations) but the intruders found her and that's when they shot her several times.

Burke was taken to Atlanta Medical Center, and was listed in stable condition. She underwent surgery on Friday, according to her uncle.

Police say some items were taken from the home, including an iPad and they are trying to determine if Burke, who works as a civilian employee for the Fulton County Marshal's Department, was targeted or if it was a random act. 
Police say the suspects fled the area in a Honda, and located the stolen vehicle a few miles away. 

No arrests have been made as yet.

In this instance, the victim did as most would suggest she 911 and hide in a closet. The home invaders hunted her down in her own home and shot her multiple times!!!

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