Imagine being home alone and hearing two armed men trying to break into your home. That's exactly what happened to Sarah McKinley, 18, of Blanchard OK, who was reportedly at home alone with her infant son just a week after her husband died of lung cancer.

Although McKinley managed to push the couch to the front door to create a barricade, that didn't stop the armed intruders.

Speaking to a CBS affiliate reporter, McKinley said "He was from door to door trying to bust in,".... "I don't know what he had in his hand besides the knife. I believe he actually had a hammer in his hand at some point because he was hitting that back door with it."

McKinley called 911 and was on the phone with the operator during the whole incident which lasted some 21 whole minutes. Once realizing that she was ON HER OWN and the police wouldn't get there fast enough, she asked the operator if she could shoot the intruders.

A terrified McKinley reportedly said "They said I couldn't shoot him until he was inside the house,".... "So I waited until he got in the door and then I shot him."

One of the two home invaders died from a shotgun blast at the scene of the crime!  Justin Shane Martin, 24, died at the scene and his alleged accomplice, 29-year-old Dustin Louis Stewart, ran away, but was later brought to police by his parents. He is currently in jail at this time according to reports

Sources state that Martin had followed McKinley her mother around at a rodeo about two years ago and that McKinley recently bumped into Martin at a convenience store. On Thursday night Martin showed up at her door, introducing himself as a neighbor. McKinley told her mother she did not know who he was until she pieced it all together after the shooting.

Blanchard police stated to reporters that so far, their investigation revealed that McKinley did everything right in defending herself and the shooting appears to be justified and legal.

Detective Dan Huff of the Blanchard Police Department stated"The Oklahoma laws are clear on the home, and the right to your home are absolute,"

Similar laws exist here in the state of GA for defending your home against illegal intrusion and to protect you against home invasion and armed robberies.

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