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Atlanta TSA Reports First Gun Found For 2013 on January 2nd!

Posted by SSC Staff on Monday, January 7, 2013,
At only two days into the New Year, the busiest airport in the country is dealing with it's "first firearm found" at one of it's security checkpoints.

The TSA is using their "first" at Atlanta's airport to warn those who would fly with firearms about the penalty for improper procedure and the potential risk gun owners can face.

A spokesperson for the Transportation Security Administration says the first handgun found for 2013 was found at a security checkpoint at Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson In...

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More complaints about Atlanta's Red Dog Unit just keep coming!

Posted by Leon S. on Tuesday, March 8, 2011,
This article was submitted by Creative Loafing writer Gwen Stuart. It appears that the Red Dog unit continues to have serious issues and allegations of misconduct, giving the Atlanta Police Department a black eye. "On Sunday night, WSBTV aired interviews with Vance Perry and a man who'd go only by Clarence, both of whom say they were either inappropriately strip searched or fondled by officers. In late January, two other men, Brian Kidd and Shawn Venegas filed a lawsuit against the APD cla...
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