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Paralyzed Homeowner Wounded in Shootout with Home Invaders

Posted by SSC Staff on Friday, October 4, 2013, In : Home Invasions 

Home Invasions continue plaguing the Metro Atlanta area. Fairburn police say a wheelchair bound homeowner was shot when he pulled a gun in self defense on three armed intruders according to a local Atlanta news report.

According to Police, armed men broke into a home on Greenwood Trace around 4:15 a.m. Family members were awake watching TV when they heard the back door crash in and bullets began flying (more and more we see where these home invaders enter the home and immediately begin firing ...

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Introduction To Handguns For Self Defense Still A Hit With New Customers!!

Posted by Leon S. on Monday, January 7, 2013, In : Home Defense 
Our Introduction to Handguns for Self Defense course is still a big hit with new customers as it continues to be our #1 requested course.  Check out our photo library to see pictures from our recent classes! Stay tuned for our Handgun Safety and other class offerings and dynamic courses for home and personal defense here in Atlanta by clicking here!

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Homeowner Shoots Home Invader Who Found Her Hiding!!

Posted by Leon S. on Saturday, January 5, 2013, In : Home Defense 
Walton County Chief Deputy Keith Brooks reported to Fox 5 news that a Loganville mother shot an alleged home invader several times on Friday.


The woman was working upstairs in her home on Henderson Ridge Lane when she spotted a man outside the window.  The woman was home alone with her 9-year-old twins and heard the man knock at the door. She called her husband, who told her that he wasn't expecting anyone at the house.

The woman said that she saw the man go to his vehicle and return with a c...

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Teen Mom Ask 911 If She Could Shoot Home Invaders!!

Posted by Leon S. on Monday, January 9, 2012, In : Home Invasions 
  Imagine being home alone and hearing two armed men trying to break into your home. That's exactly what happened to Sarah McKinley, 18, of Blanchard OK, who was reportedly at home alone with her infant son just a week after her husband died of lung cancer.

Although McKinley managed to push the couch to the front door to create a barricade, that didn't stop the armed intruders.

Speaking to a CBS affiliate reporter, McKinley said "He was from door to door trying to bust in,".... "I don't know...
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Introduction to Handguns for Self Defense course a success

Posted by Leon S. on Monday, May 9, 2011,

On May7th, 2011 Superior Security Concepts conducted their Introduction to Handguns for Self Defense course at Sandy Springs Gun Club. The class was comprised of a wide variety of students from different backgrounds and age brackets; from a young teenager who was shooting for the very first time to a local senior citizen who admitted that the last time he had fired a pistol was sometime back in the late 1960's!

The class focused on specific topics vitally important to the civilian gun owner w...
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