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Shooting the Kel-Tec KSG Bullpup Shotgun

Posted by Leon S. on Friday, May 25, 2012 Under: Home Defense

Had an opportunity to shoot the Kel-Tec KSG Bullpup Shotgun recently. The KSG is an innovative and progressive piece of hardware coming from the folks over at Kel-Tec who have brought along quite a few thought provoking products out of their production lines.

 Though the total package of the KSG is under 27 inches in length, it offers the operator a 14 +1 capacity using 2 3/4' shells or  12 +1 if you're shooting the more powerful 3" shells....quite an impressive feat for such a small package. This is accomplished by the ingenious use of 2 magazine tubes feeding a single barrel.  There is a selector switch located at the rear of the feeding tubes that allow the operator to select which barrel to shoot from. This affords for a variety of tactical advantages. Whereby the normal shot-gunner would have to speed load a slug into the tube for longer ranges or more precises shots with his shotgun, if his magazine tube was filled with shot shell, he can now simply just switch to the second barrel already dedicated to slugs and engage out to those longer ranges. Test firing the KSG left me very impressed with it's accuracy. It boasts a full 18" barrel in it's configuration. This provides the opportunity for  accurate shot placement on par with any normal tactical shotgun on the market today such as those coming from Remington, Mossberg, Benelli and the like. Putting 1oz slugs in the A zone of a target at 25 yards was straight forward with point of impact being spot on with point of aim. Patterning with 00 Buckshot left a decent grouping as well, though I didn't measure the sizes at varying distances due to having way to much fun. The manual of arms may take some getting used to and performing tactical operations such as "Fire one, load one" drills can be quite a challenging. The good news is that with the higher capacity, the likelihood of you needing that drill is dramatically reduced. Tactical reloading drills are much slower to perform with the KSG due to the very small workspace but it is possible. I did experience some failures to extract and as I understand it, there have been some reports of this sent in to Kel-Tec by other consumers and there is already a fix being offered with a quick turnaround time.

 From the time of it's pre-production samples being released for T&E to the latest news release, there have been many upgrades and improvements done. Notable improvement include an improved butterfly style pump release lever and  the addition of witness holes along the magazine tubes for easy round count. I'm curious to see if the addition of these witness holes are negatively affected by dirt, debris, etc. 

The advantage of having the compactness of this tool for home defense, CQB, Executive Protection or Personal Security Details far outweighs any negatives by a great margin. I am anxious to see further developments on the KSG leading up to final production release. Click for shotgun training classes with Superior Security Concepts

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