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Sandy Springs Woman Robbed At Gun Point!

Posted by Leon S. on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 Under: Robberies

Early Friday, June 7th, 2013 two men robbed a woman at gunpoint at the Park at Dunwoody apartments in Sandy Springs, GA. Now, Sandy Springs police are trying to find the men responsible.

Joy Keishian said she ran into the two men when she walked out to her parked car around 6:30 a.m. that Friday morning. She later stated to police that she saw the two men but thought that they appeared non-threatening. 

"The next thing I know, they were on me. They didn't hit me or hurt me or anything, but they were reaching over because my laptop was on the other seat there," Keishian said. "Finally the guy with the gun he's like 'shut up! Shut up!' and I just kept going," explained Joy Keishian. 

Keishian stated that she screamed, flailed and fought the two men as best she knew how. "I didn't know if I was going to be raped or what was happening. I just would not stop fighting," Keishian said. Luckily for Keishian, all the robbers took were her work laptop and lunch bag. 

Neighbors in the Park at Dunwoody apartments community were shocked to hear of the crime in what they refer to as a "family neighborhood."

Captain Steve Rose with Sandy Springs Police Department stated that they may have a few leads in the robbery already. A witness saw an orange or red Chevrolet Cruze leaving the neighborhood and thought that the occupants looked suspicious. Police also stated that they recovered a green baseball cap and white T-shirt that the suspects were described to be wearing. Both of those items were found nearby on Northridge Road. Police think the armed robbers got into the Chevy Cruze, left the area and eventually  changed their clothes.

Crimes of opportunity such as these can be reduced simply by taking proactive measures regarding your personal safety.  In this instance, the victim stated that she had her laptop in the front seat next to her...a very attractive bounty to crooks. A safer option choice could be the trunk or on the floor of the backseat depending on the make and model of the vehicle. She also demonstrated just how quickly the situation turned for the worse. It's common in these types of crimes for the violence to occur suddenly such as in this case where the victim described that the thugs were "on her" no sooner than she let her guard down enough to assume they were non-threatening. Criminals don't walk around announcing themselves with signs. The most important safety measure you have available is your situational awareness.  Take every opportunity to observe your surroundings and always make proactive safety choices when possible. Don't take unnecessary chances if avoidable as they relate to risking your personal safety if better options are available. Be mindful that criminals are very observant and they are always watching. A few extra minutes to wait for that group to pass by if you get the uneasy feeling that your safety could be in jeopardy may be a more prudent action for you.

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If you have seen anything suspicious or know the suspects involved in this armed robbery contact Sandy Springs police.

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