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Person found shot in car on I-285

Posted by Leon S. on Friday, June 6, 2014

Police have charged gunman, Jason Robinson, age 20, with the murder in the fatal shooting of an unidentified male in DeKalb County.

DeKalb County police say Robinson and two other men were walking through Henderson Park around midnight when a handgun, allegedly being carried by Robinson, went off and stuck one of the other two males. 

Details surrounding the actual shooting remain unclear, however, Robinson and the other male attempted to drive the unidentified victim to Grady Memorial hospital. 

The males pulled over on I-285 near East Ponce de Leon to wait on EMS and the victim later died while en route in the ambulance. 

Several things strike me instantly with the above story. First, several safety rules were violated resulting in an unfortunate death. All four of our Firearms safety A.C.T.S. were obviously ignored. Unsafe handling of firearms count for a significant number of negligent related deaths due to ignorance of general safety principles. A basic firearms safety class like the one presented in our Introduction to Handguns for Self Defense course (here) would help to instill basic firearms safety protocols that could prevent senseless negligent discharges that often result in accidental deaths and serious injury. 

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