Two Atlanta mothers may have prevented their young daughters from becoming victims of sexual assault because of their keen amateur detective work.  

Atlanta police arrested Anthony Linson, 55, who the mothers say was stalking their daughters as they walked to the school bus stop. 

Kelley Bass Jackson's 13-year-old daughter and Angela Lawhorn's 12-year-old daughter had complained to their mothers about a man jumping out of the bushes and following them on Howell Mill Road near 10th Street as they walked to the bus stop. 

The girls said they would often have to cross the street or hide out in a nearby coffee shop just to get away from the strange man.

Lawhorn decided to follow the kids one day to see what would happen and said she saw Linson come out of the bushes and follow the girls, staring at them. 

Lawhorn said she screamed at the man "Those are my children. You leave them alone. Why are you following them?" 

Meanwhile, Jackson had called police, but was so angry she confronted Linson, telling him, "'You don't follow little girls. You are a scary dude.' 

Jackson said she pulled out her cellphone and said "I got you now.'"; taking this photo and a host of others.


Police finally arrived on the scene and said Linson tried to run away. He was caught and charged with obstruction and disorderly conduct.


Jackson said the situation became even scarier when she looked up Linson's criminal history and learned about his past.

A check of his record showed Linson had been arrested 18 times since 2000 on various charges include attacking an officer and aggravated assault.

The school district reportedly has moved the bus stop and so the girls don't have to walk near the bushes any longer.

Parents should always stay vigilant in ensuring the safety of their children. Talk to your children to see if there are any unusual occurrences with them day to day. Cases of bullying, stalking, random acts of violence, and other occureences are a reality for today's youths....especially in an urban environment but certainly not limited to it. 

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