Sad to say I can do a commentary on stories like this, particularly in the Atlanta Metro Area every single day and sometimes it seems as though folks, even many that I personally know, still go about their daily undertakings in some kind of hazy cloud of what they believe life should be versus what it obviously is. These stories aren’t localized to just “bad” neighborhoods. Crimes like these occur where opportunity allows it to happen. There is one increasing variable to all these stories. More and more the homeowner or resident is not only the victim of burglary but also victims of violent crime.

You have to observe at least two common brackets in which burglaries take place.
1) During daytime hours. Particularly while you are at work or away from home. The criminals who typically commit burglaries during these hours are opportunists. They have either done surveillance on your home and know your routine or have inside information on your day-to-day actions and your possessions. These guys are less confrontational. They are more concerned with your valuables. They want to get in and out without any foreseeable complications. But be mindful they may turn violent if they are surprised or trapped.

2) During late night hours. Which in the case of this subject matter should be called the ‘shadow hours’. The criminals who typically lurk about during these hours have absolutely factored in and in some cases ensured the possibility that you or a loved one IS at home and they have prepared for this encounter, because your or a loved ones, presence is part of the plan. These guys are almost 99.9% of the time violent in nature. Predatory if you will. Know this for surety. THEY WANT IN. THEY ARE ARMED. THEY ARE NOT AFRAID TO USE THEIR WEAPONS. THEY KNOW YOU OR A LOVED ONE IS HOME. THEY AREN'T AFRAID OF YOU. That being said you need to harden yourself as a target, by adding layers to your home defense plan. Every body’s lives in your home depend on your preemptive approach to home defense. You can’t control whether or not you’ve become a target. Learn how to become a hard target at

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