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Latest Parking Lot Scheme Targets Holiday Shoppers

Posted by Leon S. on Saturday, November 22, 2014 Under: Carjacking

New Carjacking Scheme!! Be careful while out and about this season. Stay aware of what's happening around you. Crooks are getting more clever and desperate. If it appears to good to be probably is!! 

The thugs are leaving $100.00 bills on the windshields of unsuspecting holiday shoppers to get them to stop their cars and get...most doing so with the door left open to retrieve the money. As soon as they do, the crooks spring into action stealing your car and all of the contents inside, leaving you completely helpless.

If you see one of these placed on your windshield, look around to see who may be following you. Check to see if anything appears out of the ordinary. ONLY stop and/or park in a well lit and safe areas while out shopping. Keep all valuables secured safely in the trunk and well out of view of anyone peering into your vehicle.

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