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First Murder in Atlanta for 2013 happened in the first 9 hours!!!

Posted by SSC Staff on Thursday, January 3, 2013

The first official recorded murder in Atlanta for 2013 happened within the first 9 hours of 2013 as reported by Atlanta Police!!

An 18-year-old high school student died after he was shot in the stomach inside a home on Epworth Street in Southwest Atlanta early Tuesday morning, Atlanta Police say. 


"We had two males that were involved in a dispute. We don't know what the subject of the dispute was, but it resulted in one of the males shot," Atlanta Police Sgt. Eddie Smith told Fox 5 reporters.

A woman who present on the scene stated that the victim was shot by a young man he knew who was harassing him.  
In our classes here at SSC, we often teach and remind our students that violence often develops very rapidly. A major part of your safety toolbox is situational awareness, being conscious and alert to situations developing around you and making timely decisions about your personal safety according to those actions. 

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