Hello Good People,
This is my first official rant originally posted on Facebook . Now as a Facebook user, if you're more interested in shoes or bathroom models, please keep moving. What is it about Facebook that made common sense become extinct? Why why why do we log on every single day of the Damn week, sometimes every hour and still sometimes moment by moment and voluntarily impart the most valuable possessions that we own to virtually millions of strangers? OUR INFORMATION!!! Where we live, where we are, where we're going, where we work, who our relatives are, what we drive, what we are wearing today, where and what we ate today, our BFF's, our psychological profile, likes, dislikes, patterns, pictures of your CHILDREN, etc. Every day some media outlet reminds us of the scam artists, thieves, rapists, killers, kidnappers, lunatics, predators and all out monsters that are out here and are NOT GETTING CAUGHT or apprehended. Standing behind you in Walmart. At the sports bar. Doing your landscaping. Next to you at the stop light... You get the point.

Listen! If people know where you are. Then they know where you aren't. Duh... If you are posting real time pics of your vacation then guess what? You must not be home! Back in the day a criminal had to lurk around and risk looking suspicious to survey your patterns to plot on you and yours. Now you people just give them this valuable info voluntarily. You tell your CHILDREN and spent your whole childhood being told what??? DO NOT TALK TO STRANGERS! Then here you are talking to virtually millions of strangers about crucial details of your life. Consistently. Man come on... WTF???

Am I the only one who remembers the Craigslist predators? Who used postings to find or lure you and destroy your life. To rob, steal and kill. Well lets increase the odds of such an encounter by 500million. That's the reported number of FB members. Now what's the ratio of lunatics to decent people??? The hell if I know! But evidence shows it is a lot. No measure of security is fail proof. But why increase the odds of being a victim by volunteering your information. There's plenty of crazies in your immediate vicinity to be concerned with. Why invite hundreds to thousands more?

I can hear the fool say '' I don't put my address info on FB''. Well... Lets not forget Geo tagging. Every time you post a mobile upload from your phone you also embed in the picture data, a geographic map coordinate of where that phone is at the time the pic was uploaded. So for my bathroom sink models. Well Boo Boo' your phone transmits the exact location where that pic was uploaded to every sex crazed feign who views it and knows how to extract that info. That goes for pics of your children, valuables, your home, job etc, etc... I see you. I want you. I got you.

Please, think people. THINK. Stay safe. Rant is over..... For now.
Joseph Hibner EPS
Executive Protection Specialist