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During Storm, Duluth Couple Held at Gunpoint in Home Invasion

Posted by Leon S. on Sunday, May 1, 2011 Under: Home Invasions
While in the middle of the violent thunderstorms Wednesday night, as most Atlanta residents were seeking safe shelter and preparing for the storms, armed men forced their way into a Duluth couple's home and held them at gunpoint.

This is the startling news that's becoming more prevalent as thieves and thugs embolden themselves and are using more and more unusual tactics during violent robberies. said that one of the victims, Chong So, believes that the thugs specifically chose the night of the storms because they knew that even if neighbors heard suspicious behavior, no one would respond because of the storm.

"They knew people would stay inside even if they heard something because of the thunder and rain," So said in a report.

The report goes on to say that the gunmen forced So and his wife to the upstairs bathroom and tied their hands and feet up in with wire before going on to ransack the house looking for money and valuables. They made off with $300.00 and an undetermined amount of jewelry.

The couples son Benjamin said the robbers used a hammer to pry open a front window to get into the house.

Duluth Police are currently investigating this violent robbery.

Are you prepared to deal with this rapidly growing violent reality? These gunmen knew that the police were not going to respond. These thugs knew that they wouldn't have to worry about the neighbors coming to help because of the storm. They knew that this couple was helpless and ALONE!!

Is this you? Are you prepared to have to defend your home when the police can't be there? Looters are now running rampant in Alabama after the storms ravaged parts of the state. The police have told residents that they CANNOT protect them. Who will protect you?

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