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Courageous Woman Shoots Home Invader

Posted by Joseph H. on Thursday, May 12, 2011 Under: Home Invasions

     BRAVO!!! Now this is the epitome of the “I will survive this!” mindset. This woman exemplified Preparation, Recognition, Reaction, Modification/Adaptation and literally Execution. Experience is not always the best teacher. One has to rationalize that based on the current events and rapid increase of violent home invasions, that this woman took preemptive measures to Not Be A Victim. She was physically prepared for a violent confrontation, just by taking the initial measures of owning a weapon. She was clearly mentally prepared to, if need be, defend herself with the necessary force against a deadly encounter. When standing face to face with the shear horror of an armed intruder, she recognized the threat of possible death or great bodily harm to herself and rather than stand frozen in fear, she made the courageous and conscious decision to FIGHT for herself! Then upon being overpowered, she maintained the “I will survive this” mindset and adapted to her younger, stronger and violence driven attacker. She modified her survival plan with a more cerebral approach and you all know the rest.

      It is more often than not recorded in history that these type of ambush attacks turn out most disagreeably for the victims. And keep in mind this woman was presumably naked. Win the fight before its fought! By preparing. Learn that “I will survive this” mindset and then learn the necessary skills to back it up at

Congratulations ma'am, on a fight well fought!! 

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