Decatur police are warning people who are downtown Decatur at night to be on the lookout for armed robbers who have been holding up women at gunpoint.


Women have been targeted for robbery in the downtown area of Decatur four times between February 7 and March 15 and in all four cases, the robberies took place at about the same general time of night, between 8:45 and 9:15....a half hour window of opportunity for seasoned predators.

The victims reported to police that they were approached by two men who showed them a gun, robbed them, then ran away.

In all but one case, the victims were by themselves. The fourth case involved two women who were walking together when they were robbed.


Currently, the Decatur Police departtment does not have a suspect or a solid description of either of the robbers.

Decatur Police On Alert For Two Men Targeting Women In Decatur
For those who appreciate the downtown Decatur night life, this is the time to be aware of your "street smarts" and use good judgement and common sense while out and about at night.

Here are a few helpful suggestions:

Avoid complacency. The thought of "It could NEVER happen to me" is the number one cause of women becoming victims! 

Harden yourself as a target. Anything that would make a criminal think twice about approaching you is better for. Make them choose a weaker target.

Hide your valuables! Make sure your jewelry is hidden as you are walking about. Criminals often do their own type of surveillance as they decide who they choose as their victim. Walking about with flashy jewelry is sure to make you an eye catching target! Also, make sure your purse or other valuables such as laptops, GPS, etc. isn't visible if leaving it in your car. Lock them in the trunk for best safety practice.

Make sure that you're not so loaded down that you can't run if you need to. Comfortable shoes are best if out walking at night, but that tends to clash with women's fashion sense. You have to determine the balance between your safety and style.

Have a means of personal protection. Pepper Spray, the Taser C2 Electronic Control Device, Small Impact Devices, Stun Guns, etc are all available for use in self defense and can mean the difference in you becoming a victim of rape or not. There are Pepper Spray devices that are small enough to fit on your key ring. The larger sizes are perfect for stashing in a purse or door pocket!

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